Upgraded to Ghost 0.7

Hell yeah! The blog is successfully upgraded to Ghost 0.7. This is my first time upgrading ghost blog version, so I had problems while doing »


MongoError: auth failed

I am trying to connect to mongodb from my web application using Mongooose. However, I get an MongoError: auth failed from mongo when I specify the »

Mirgrated to Ghost

Bye bye Wordpress! After used Wordpress for many years, I finally decided to use my blog with Ghost. I thought migration might be difficult, but when »

Together Forever

Days are passed! Times are still running! It is already in 5 years in love with you. It is like a dream to be with you »



The 2nd Hackathon in Myanmar was in previous September 5-7th, 2014 and yes, Team Garlic was participating again. This time, we decided to solve choose problem »