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SCANDAL - Pin Heel Surfer 「Single」

Yoosh!! That is. Finally SCANDAL’s Pin Heel Surfer [single] was released yesterday. But, question, how do you get it that quick? LOL, you do know I am a Hardcore SCANDAL fan, right? It’s just a minor for me to find SCANDAL’s releases and PV. To be easy to download, I re-uploaded them in Minus, so you guys can download the whole album or each single song. >v<

Thumbup! SCANDAL fans . . .

[![Pin Heel Surfer 「Single」](http://res.cloudinary.com/dgx38ho5w/image/upload/v1427432365/22234-andltahrefhttpwwwjpo-1s2o_sysnro.jpg "Pin Heel Surfer")](http://res.cloudinary.com/dgx38ho5w/image/upload/v1427432365/22234-andltahrefhttpwwwjpo-1s2o_sysnro.jpg)
Pin Heel Surfer 「Single」
Release Date : 2012.09.12 Tracklist :
  1. ピンヒールサーファー (Pin Heel Surfer)
  2. OSAKA
  3. ピンヒールサーファー (Pin Heel Surfer) [Instrumental]

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