Hey guys, it’s already February 6th and ENCORE SHOW is now on Air. I’ve been waiting for today since 3 months ago, when SCANDAL announced about this album. Even if I know most songs are from old singles and album but all of them are still my favorites: KOSHI-TANTAN, FUTURE, S.L.Magic and blah blah blah. Here’s the Tracklist of ENCORE SHOW: Hope you guys will likes it. ^^

01 – S.L. Magic
02 – TOKYO
03 – ナツネイロ
05 – SO EASY
06 – 星の降る夜に
08 – Midnight Television
09 – Shining Sun
10 – CUTE!
11 – Emotion
12 – サティスファクション
13 – Want you
14 – 君に嫉妬中
15 – ひかれ
16 – ハッピーコレクター
17 – プレイボーイ

I just got this images from SCANDAL Blog, since they are very happy for releasing their new album today. You can find it on their faces.

Okay, there is a question; “Why you don’t share any download link like you did before?”. Really sorry for that, It’s not likes I don’t want to share with you guys, but I wish you guys to try to buy one and give support to SCANDAL. I also wants to buy too, but it is not that much to easy to buy here, so I tried Pirated download. But, if you are having the same problem with me, you can ask and have it from me; but  Not going to share everyone -.-

Keep in touch with me! ^^

Buy ENCORE SHOW via iTunes


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