Broadcast on TV Tokyo yesterday evening, SCANDAL were guests on the Japanese show “Sakiyomijan BANG!”. The girls come in at around 0:55 onwards. Below is a summary of part 1 of the show. Pardon me for the lack of details now:

[![Cover Harukaze by SCANDAL [Regular Edition]]( "scandal-signs")](
Cover Harukaze by SCANDAL [Regular Edition]
This episode of Sakiyomi is a big “BLEACH” special. As SCANDAL’s latest single is also the OP for the anime, the girls take on a “Bleach” quiz when one of the hosts question their love for the manga series. Midway through the quiz, the SCANDAL members are asked on which Bleach character is their favourite as well.

Haruna: Histugaya (Toshiro)-san. He doesn’t speak a lot, which makes him look cool.
Tomomi: I like Urahara Kisuke. I really like people that are mysterious.
Mami: I liked Ichimaru Gin…it’s not because he doesn’t say that much but because he gives off a sense of confidence which I think is really cool.
Host: Everyone seems to like characters that sort of have a ‘shadow’ looming over them I see.
Rina: My favourite is definitely Ichigo (Kurosaki)…because I tend to like all the main characters. (I LOL-ed here.)

SCANDAL wins the quiz in the end by being the first to hit 3 points. Then, the girls are interviewed on their latest single, which is said to be a meaningful song but with a sort-of ‘dark’ feel to it. (Following on by a little more HARUKAZE talk.) SCANDAL is then asked to touch on their Kansai-bens as well, and when asked which Bleach character SCANDAL will be, Mami asnwers Rukia (Kikuchi) b/c she’s a very strong female character. Following on is a lot more Bleach talk.

Part 2 of the show can be found HERE. SCANDAL takes on the “SCANDAL” challenge there as they requested the show to play their “Harukaze” PV. (Which I thought Mami did really well in.) Enjoy the show~!

Track List for Regular Edition:
01 Harukaze
02 Harukaze (instrumental)

Track List for Type-A
01 Harukaze
02 ALONES (Aqua Timez のカバー)
03 Harukaze (instrumental)

Track List for Type-B
01 Harukaze
02 *~アスタリスク~ (ORANGE RANGEのカバー)
03 Harukaze (instrumental)

I have every songs in that album, but due to copyright, I can’t upload them to file uploading site. So, if you want, just ask me when you’re around. ^^

Special Credit: Sakiyomijan Bang!