Rina will participate in events organized by VAMPS titled HALLOWEEN PARTY.

[![HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012](http://res.cloudinary.com/dgx38ho5w/image/upload/v1427432360/news_large_HJO_normal_qqhe0s.jpg "news_large_HJO_normal")](http://res.cloudinary.com/dgx38ho5w/image/upload/v1427432360/news_large_HJO_normal_qqhe0s.jpg)
HALLOWEEN PARTY this year organized by VAMPS will be held at Makuhari Kobe in October. single “HALLOWEEN PARTY” has been produced for this event. visual artist and jacket artwork that will participate have been announced .

HALLOWEEN Junky ORCHESTRA will be announced at the event. HALLOWEEN ORCHESTRA Junky itself consists of: HYDE (VAMPS), Acid Black Cherry, DAIGO (Breakerz), kyo (D’Erlanger), february6 Tommy, Tommy heavenly6, Dá Lang ( Mook ) (逹琅(ムック)) , Anna Tsuchiya (土屋アンナ) , Ryuji Aoki (青木隆治) , KAZ (VAMPS), Hitsugi ( Nightmare ) (柩(ナイトメア)) , Meiki ( Sid ) (明希(シド) ) , RINA (SCANDAL), and Wakeshima (分岛花音).

resource: natalie.mu