GGEZ Nightbane

GGEZ Nightbane

How many days already since Karazhan dungeon was released!? I really love Blizzard for bringing it back. It brings back lots of memories.

Okay, enough intro. Let's talk about Nightbane. He is a summonable boss found in Return to Karazhan, the same with old Karazhan. But this time, there will be no quest item to summon him. You need to complete a time trial by clicking all five of the Soul Fragment before their time runs out.

Mount Parade

How to get all five Soul Fragment in time? Let's prepare first!

  1. Check and make sure everyone in your party has food buff and flasks. You might ask whether it is necessary; if you want to go faster, it is better if you give the best shot you can.

  2. Bring 5 Skaggldrynk for invisibility. I will explain why it is necessary later.


Too lazy to write own mechanic, so I copied few guides from WoWHead. Please read original post if you want to know more details about Nightbane strategy.

  1. Upon opening the door after zoning into Karazhan, the following emote happens: "The strange chill of a dark presence winds through the air." This starts the timer.
    The party must click the first crystal, in the Opera Hall audience in front of the stage, within 8 minutes. This requires defeating the Opera Hall encounter and killing a substantial amount of trash backstage, in the pit, and in the audience.

  2. After the first crystal you will gain a buff, Medivh's Echo, with a 6min duration. This is now your timer. As you click crystals, it will add a stacking buff and 5 minutes to the time you had left on your buff.

  3. The Soul Fragments are located: 1 in the audience from Opera, 1 in the room on the left just before Maiden (you don’t need to kill her), 1 after you kill Moroes, 1 in the Spider Room (then you click the portal to the stairway), 1 after you kill Curator.

  4. If you click all the Soul Fragment within the allotted time, after Curator, you run back to Nightbane's room and Medivh is there and he summons Nightbane.

  5. When you speak to Medivh you get the One Night in Karazhan achievement.
    Once all crystals are clicked in the allotted time, your timer buff will change to Medivh's Presence and you will have 5 minutes to go speak with Medivh and summon Nightbane. The original Roleplay upon summoning Nightbane will play.

  6. Once you speak to Medivh and Nightbane is summoned, you are able to wipe without worry. He will still be there and shout at you as he continuously slays you.


When should I use Skaggldrynk?

DO NOT USE ANY POTIONS IN OPERA HALL FIGHT. Because once you used any pots, you won't be able to use Skaggldrynk in time. So after you finised Opera Hall, let your tank pull all mods nearby till backroom. Once you finished with those adds, follow the route and it will leads you to a room full with adds. There's when you have to use invisible pots. It gives you 18 sec which is more than enough time to pass that room. Make sure you don't use any spells including movement speed, since those will break your invincibility.

Please watch our Nightbane run in case you might need few tips. We don't really follow Soul Fragment order mentioned in WoWHead. We go for Opera Hall, Maiden after that Spider room and Moroes. It is faster than going to Moroes first.

This is video recorded by one of our party member, hope this might help you a bit.

Goodluck and enjoy your new Smoldering Ember Wyrm mount.

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