Shadow Priest 7.3.2

Shadow Priest 7.3.2

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I've been lost in this madness for so long...
So, what are the major changes in 7.3.2 for Shadow Priest?

  • Void Eruption no longer deals a separate damage event for each of your Shadow Word: Pain or Vampiric Touchon each target. Instead, it deals a single damage event to all targets that have either your Shadow Word: Pain Icon Shadow Word: Pain or Vampiric Touch Icon Vampiric Touch.
  • Void Eruption damage increased by 700%.
  • Shadow Crash cooldown reduced to 20 seconds (down from 30 seconds), Insanity generation increased to 20 (up from 15), and missile speed increased by 60%.
  • Mind Sear damage increased by 50%.
  • Heart of the Void now increases Void Eruption's damage by 75% (down from 300%) and heals you for 25% (down from 40%) of the damage done.
    Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch Icon Vampiric Touch damage reduced by 4%.

I really like that fact of increasing Void Eruption damage, since it makes that we don't really need to use Heart of the Void in Mythic+ and your choice of items with belt and sephuz.

Netherlight Crucible

Download Crucible Weight addon, and paste the following string. Then, you will which traits will give you the best damage output.

cruweight^128827^194093^0.72 6:0.51 7:0.46^ilvl^0.42^194016^0.01^252207^0^252091^1.13^193645^0.02^253111^0^252875^1.63^194002^0.91^252906^1.62^193642^0^238065^1.27 6:1.11 7:0.87^252888^1.46^252922^1.49^253070^1.24^252191^1.08^253093^1.23^194007^0.88^193644^0.87^193643^0.61^193647^0^252799^1.20^252088^1.32^end

- A big thanks to HowToPriest for NC string


There is no changes. Sephuz and Belt will give you the best damage output. However, you may want to use Chest + Sephuz for composite together with Misery talent. I tested that combination on Mythic Eonar, and it satisfied me.
In single target bosses with no Sephuz proc, it seems like Belt + Soul of the High Priest gives better output than Sephuz + SotHP.

If you are not thinking about hardcore raiding, just belt+sephuz for ST, Chest+sephuz for composite should be good enough to get decent dps.


Less than 3 targets : 1/2/1/1/2/3/1
More than 3 targets : 1/2/1/1/2/2/1


We don't have much choices in Antorus.

  • Aman'Thul's Vision is definitely no doubt, BiS trinket for every casters. It drops only from Argus (excluding LFR).
  • Unstable Arcanocrystal from relinquished with 910 is better than any 945 trinkets from Antorus. But if the one you have
  • Acrid Catalyst Injector from Kin'garoth; its 945 is equivalent with arcano 910. Getting Arcano from relinquished, so a lot of caster are going to Kin'garoth for this trinket.
  • Prototype Personnel Decimator from Garothi Worldbreaker; Because of its haste stats alone is pretty good for spriest with T-21 4 pieces effect. And also prototype is your BiS trinket for boss fights like Antoran High Command and Eonar. As long as there are more than 3 enemies, this is a good-to-go trinket.
  • Lastly, Norgannon's Prowess from Argus, is a good choice if there are a lot players using pantheon trinkets in your raid group. Also, you can upgrade it to maximum ilvl 1000 in the end. However since you can equipe only one pantheon trinket, and if you have Aman'Thul's Vision, you don't need it already.


I don't really use a lot of WA, but these are the one which I am currently using.

Which T-21 pieces should I have in priority?

Haste is everything. Cloak, Hand and Legs are a must-have tier piece since all 3 have very good haste stats. Among head, shoulder and chest, I would like to recommend to use head since it gives you Crit+Mastery meanwhile the other two contains versatality stats with either crit or mastery. You can wear any off pieces with good haste stats instead.

This is my profile. Hope this guide will help someon. For more detail explanations, you may want to go to HowToPriest where you can read/learn everything about the priests.

Have fun raiding and good luck with Cutting Edge: Argus before BfA.

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