So, at last, I’m also 21 Years Old. And also the best Birthday I’ve ever felt before. Time is passing too fast and just thought it was like yesterday. oTL . . .

Thanks my Mom for gave birth to me, and for help and care to me since Today! Without you, I can be the useless noob now. Without your encouragement, I’ll be lonely in the darkness. Love You, Mom! ❤

Well, . . . today, I have a lot of happy times, chit/chat with Friends, played Games together, and also goes to “Shwedagon Pagoda”, too. The last time, I was in “Shwedagon” is in last my Birthday. Yes, that’s me, LOL.

Thanks to Su Myat ( Misaki ), I’ve got a lots of Birthday Presents. But, this one is my favorite!!!!

[![Drawing of Rina by Misaki]( "Drawing of Rina by Misaki")](
Drawing of Rina by Misaki
I wished, to have Rina’s portraits from her this morning, and I was shocked!!! when I saw it glance, and also happy. May be I am the most happiest man around the living creatures within the whole world. Finally I’m start believing in Miracles… haha..

But, what was in that blue box?

[![Miku[s] from the box]( "Miku[s] from the box")](
Miku[s] from the box
OMG!!!!! Miku[s] are hiding inside that box and SURPRISED me!!! I just thought it was a Cup, but when I opened it, they smiled at me!! Waaaa!!!!!! I’m out of control now!!! >.<

Hehe, did I spent too much time only on that presents? Then, Gomen!!1

I don’t know why, but when I arrived to “Shwedagon Pagoda”, I feel calm and peace. May be the Buddha’s shelter can remove that shitty Ego, Pride, Money, .. blah blah blah. Even if you are a President of United States, you must remove your shoes, or footwear. Oops.. topic changed to Oburma. lolss

. . . well, thanks all of my friends for your all wishes, and without you, I will be totally a Forever Alone. Please forgive me, if I’ve said something terrible to you guys, and even if I did, it didn’t meant to hurt you. It’s already 11:45 and lemme close this now.

~ Oyasumi ~