We Will Born Back!

Last week, we released a new open source CMS named “RebornCMS” based on FuelPHP Framework, exactly in November 23, 2012. We all were very happy that our very first development is now online and running up! We spent lots of time, lots of studies, and money on it. When, FuelPHP retweeted about it on Twitter, our emotion was on top. We just created it, not for Money, not for Pride, but for the Name, and also want to learn back from experienced contributors.

This morning, suddenly I heard that RebornCMS repo is dropped from Github by our Lead Developer, Nyan Lynn Htut. He said, due to our codes, we got many issues for that. A lots of problem happened, and yes, we hurt. Even FuelPHP created a blog named “Let’s right a wrong” and most words are killing me, killing us.

It said –

It is therefore painful to see that this CMS was not created with the respect for other developers we hope to see, but in fact copied from PyroCMS, a well established and respected Open Source CMS.

and also,

We hereby want to make it absolutely clear that we, as the FuelPHP development team, do not promote or condone this.

These really are severe for a newborn in Intl Web Development like us. Not like you guys, study and learning in Developing Country, especially in Myanmar, has a lot of difficulties and problems. You guys can watch and learn a video screencasts on streaming on ease, while we spent most of our time just downloading that screencasts by downloading with 2kbps download speed, and yes, that’s really happening to us. Why don’t try streaming? You must be kidding!? How can we? With that 2kbps speed? You must be joking around! Only the offline learning is the best solution and way for our development. Geez . . . I just don’t want to blame on that poor education system in our country.

Let’s get back on the main topic;

That words…

So the final words are: Learn, respect other people’s work, improve it, but don’t steal it!

Yes, we do learn, we do respect the seniors, especially THEM from FuelPHP Developers, and guess we made something wrong with the codes, copied from PyroCMS. But WE NEVER STEAL IT and make it our own. Like they said, we learn, we respect, and we also cared not to become something like that, and now it’s really happening. I do accept that “Hey Noob, you are still lack the skill”. Why don’t you just flag what’s wrong here and guide us to right a wrong?

Well . . . as a name “Reborn”, how can we reborn, if we haven’t died once? No matter what, we will just born back, definitely!!

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