Ragnarok 2 Updater Errors with 6 Bars [Solved]

Yesterday, RO2 Admins said there will be server maintenance and I was waiting for the whole day. But after that maintenance I can’t even start my Ragnarok2 Updater anymore. It’s stucked at 6 Bars zzzzz

Ro2 Updater
I was having troubles and searching for a solution for more than 8 hours, and finally it’s solved now. All you have to do is –
  1. First goes to C:WindowsSystem32driversetc and copy hosts file to Desktop
  2. Open that copied host file with your favorite textEditor
  3. Add code below in that host file

<strong> patch.playro2.com # RO2 Patch Server need confirmation</strong>

it should be like that.

[![After adding codes into host](http://res.cloudinary.com/dgx38ho5w/image/upload/v1427432348/host_gezygs.jpg)](http://res.cloudinary.com/dgx38ho5w/image/upload/v1427432348/host_gezygs.jpg)
After adding codes into host

Then save host file and copy back to etc directory. It will ask you override or not, just override it. Okay, here can be a question, when we just dun edit host file in etc folder? We can’t, it’s permission denied to edit for most users.

Then, try loading your RO2 Updater and it will be working back normally.

**Note *******

I am currently playing at Singapore server, so I am not sure about other clients. If you are having problem with updating client patch, try manually too.

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